Meet the Stylists

Flo Taylor

Flo-StylistAs child I suffered from a dry scalp condition (scalp psoriasis). My hair has never grown past my neckline. Many times my hair was cut short or shaved due to breakage and to better treat my scalp condition. I can recall from the age of 8 to about 12 years, I only wanted dolls with long hair. My favorite was a “Crissy Doll”. I would cut her hair and bobby pin or rubber band the doll’s hair to my head. (Color or texture did not matter). I created what is called ‘extensions’ today. At age 10, I began French braiding, corn rolls and styling the hair of my family, friends and my own. Many times I was told “you should do hair”.

At a much later date, I decided to become a cosmetologist. Although I enjoy cuts, color and braiding hair, my true passion is for non-surgical hair replacement. I’m beginning to realize this stems back to my early childhood. While attending cosmetology school my favorite client was a lady undergoing chemo therapy treatment. She would often request me. During her visit she would have good and bad days. Sometimes it would be necessary to cancel her appointment. What I realized from her was how important looking good could make a person feel better. It was at that time I pledged that I would create an environment that I could service the needs of people suffering from temporary or permanent hair loss.

My inspiration comes from my clients. During consultation I request to see a favorite portrait pre-hair loss. We discuss realistic methods and styling options for full or partial hair replacement. It may involve restoring a hairstyle to mimic pre-hair loss or look at what’s trending and create a new style that flatters and please the client.

My qualifications include but not limited to cosmetology license, lace wig training, wig ventilating, varied methods of hair extensions, styling human and synthetic wigs. I continuously look for ways to master the craft of making wigs and cranial prosthesis look natural, realistic and undetectable by most. In the next 5 years my goal is to have a fully operational non-surgical hair replacement center – an establishment that not only provides affordable custom, non-custom stocked wigs and cranial prosthesis, but a business that provides client care, hair maintenance and repairs in a comforting environment.